Like new, I don't think I ever used it, Nikon eh5 AC adapter; super useful for shooting long sessions. Powers a whole whack of cameras (p, d100, d300, d, d300s, d, d40, d40x, d50, d, d60, d70, d70s, d700, d, d80, d90) *The D60, D40X and D40 require the EP-5 for use with the EH-5A AC Adapter. Currently an "a" version is being sold but is exactly the same as the non"A" version. ("a" version was released to comply with a California law) Thought I was going to do some long night photography, but this has sat on my shelf for probably 3 years, unused.
Sell for $99 in Canada and actually more in the States.
Asking $70 obo.